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Friday, June 06, 2008
Came home last night about 10pm last night and the power was out due to storms. I immediately felt very hobbled by my own life. I was humbled. Immediately. I had plans to jump online, nuke something to eat, and probably fall asleep in front of the tv. All of those plans were cancelled. Oh wait, I'm supposed to say "I went green". I stumbled around and found some candles, (thanks again for the cool christmas gift of a homemade candle in a christmas coffee cup, Gette!) I cooked some turkey on the stove, read by candlelight, ate my turkey sammich, and was all ready for my new green life to start when the lights went on. I of course, put the book down, and decided to see what was on tv. It only took 20 seconds to jump back into the old life! It amazed me how spoiled we are! Power at the flick of a switch. And how screwed we are when it all goes away! I was even in a little bit of denial. Was it just my house thats out? I looked at all the neighbors houses and they of course were out too. I watched a great South Park episode a few nights ago about this very thing. Say what you want about South Park but its a very inciteful show at times! The whole community freaked out when all of the internet went out. Somefolks jumped on the oregon trail and headed west to Californy because there was word of internet still out there! Its a farce of course but I kind of share the same common idea right now. Its a complete shock when my little electric world gets turned upside down for just an hour. You immediately think now what do I do? All my plans changed. I dont mean to make a huge deal out of this, but it really got me thinking about how really lucky we are and how much of our lives actually depend on electricity. And when some of us decide to rough it and get away from it all and go camping. What do we bring with us? For some of us we have Fifth wheel campers that are just smaller versions of our homes. Actually I have seen campers that are nicer than my house, but due to my not wanting to completely bum myself out, I am not going to dwell on that idea at all! So, I suppose I should get going. Gotta go see how much generators are. Just kidding.
Thursday, June 05, 2008
Well, summer is unofficially here with rain pretty much every day. Seriously. This sucks. Its like living in Washington state all over again. No wonder I have no energy lately. Anyway Mom came to visit from Phoenix 3 weeks ago. It was really nice to see her again. She left this morning to go back already. I actually did pretty good about finding the time to see her. Ready for this? 3 weeks, 2 weekends, guess how many visits I squeezed in. Pencils down, pass your test booklets to the front of the class. 6 times. Thats huge for me! Big good son points awarded!

Works been going good. Found plenty of work lately. Except today. With all the damp weather my sheetrock mud from yesterday wasnt dry yet when I checked it this morning so its been a big stupid day off for me so far. I am going in later to see if its dry. Maybe. Been cleaning house today. It needs it pretty bad with all the steady work lately. Thank you Lord!

Had a date a few weeks ago and went to see the new Indiana Jones flick! Good stuff! The date and the flick! But enough about her. i am a huge Indiana Jones fan! And have been one for many years. In fact I have the box set. ON VHS! Thats how long! Great movie! Worth the wait! I really like the fact that they didnt try to hide the fact Indy was 20 years older and instead used it to their advantage and built the story around it.

I have seriusly underestimated my cat. I used to think he was afraid of his own shadow, only to find him batting around a baby garter snake today! Never thought I would see that! Freakin cool. Well, thats about it for now. I bid you Good Day!
Thursday, April 03, 2008
I think. The snow is gone. Kids are jumping other kids in the street on skateboards. And I think I saw some grass poking through some mud and snow. And I had a fleeting thought of turning off the space heater this morning. Maybe tomorrow. The sun was out for the whole day today! Wow! I actually get in a better mood this time of year! Good times!

I have been working for a friend of mine the last few weeks fixing up this house he bought at an auction. Its got a great little cabin in the back where I have been doing most of the work. Painting, new tile floor, cleaning, some new trim, the whole ball of wax. it always been great working for friends. Their the best bosses! They buy you lunch, feed you supper, and stop by to visit. I almost feel guilty charging him. Almost. Its going really well. And its got a few challenges where I get to be a little crafty with extra trim. Cooool. Its the small things like that wich make the job interesting!

Oh, the times are a changin'! I was having lunch with a freind of mine today who has done a huge amount of work on his place in town. He recently got it appraised and found out that it is worth the same amount as when he bought it due to the current housing market depreciation. Im talking full basement renovation, new shingles, and siding. Same price. Used to be if you painted your house it went up in value! Not anymore. This worries me about where this country is heading. Well, I have been worried before, but this makes it even more bleak for the old housing market. Not good at all. Makes me pretty happy I own my own house. Count your blessings, friends!

Weelllllll, thats gonna do it for tonight. Have a great day, and you can still get in one really dirty snowman before it all returns to green grass and budding trees!
Wednesday, April 02, 2008
If you want all your wishes and dreams to come true, send this blog to ten people in 10 minutes.

Sound pretty stupid huh?


I get so freakin tired of opening up my email and finding the internet version of the chain letter. Oh, and the grandaddy of em all titled If I dont get this back, your a non believing heathen or something like that. Im gonna do some serious ranting here so belt the kids in, turn down the volume, and put the delicious beverage you are enjoying in a spillproof container. I think its high time to put an and to forwards about good things happening to people just because they sent on this message of complete crap to 10 friends. I have 10 freinds, thats not the problem. In fact I still HAVE 10 friends because I dont send them promises of wealth, fame, fortune, good health, and to not die in a horrible freak accidents because I didnt care enough to send it on! Now, I will be honest, early on in my days of emailing, I did pass on a few urban legends, but I learned my lesson. I just wish the rest of the population was on the same page. In fact, I remember trying to keep Saved by an Angel or something on the air by sending this message on only to find that it was cancelled long ago and the person who started the whole fight was, well... dead. I say this not to embarrass myself but to prove a point. That we all get a little happy with cluttering up inboxes with crap that has been going around since Al Gore invented the internet. I know, I know, he didnt really. I know people who believe that forwarding some one an email about Angels, freinds, and bunnies is the same thing as sending an actual"Hi! Hows it going? I am busy myself. Dont forget about lunch with me on Friday" email! I guess my main point is, If you want something good to happen to you, if you fear something bad will happen to you, and if you want to find out more about Angels, freinds, and miracles, Pray and read the bible, there you will truly have a much better chance of good things happening to you, than pure superstition. And you get to keep your friends. Dont get me wrong, I still enjoy emails about how much George Bush is a Dumbass, How cold it is, Getting to know your friends better, and hilarious cartoons and videos, just nothing about how much better my life will be if I send this on to other folks. If I agree, I reserve the right to agree silently, and maybe a chuckle or two. And the thing that really pisses me off is when you actually tell the person you dont want or like the chain letter forwards, AND THEY STILL KEEP SENDING THEM! COME ON! What more do I have to do! Send a registered snail mail that they have so sign for, so I know they get the message? Dude! Seriously! Am I the only one out there? Let me know. Well, I feel better. I am about outta steam. Ahhhhhhhh... so this is why people blog. Oh, and just to be sure folks get the message could you send this on to... Ha, just kidding. Pray, talk to God, be a good friend, and do your best to be good person. Thats your best bet to true fortune.
Thursday, March 27, 2008

What a great way to get me to post! Thanks, Gette! So I just have to tell you seven random things about myself.
I am left handed.
I am a veteran of Desert Storm. I am not a huge fan of the recent war, though.
I am a phone call and pop in guy, but am slowly becoming a texter and emailer. Conform, dammit, I must conform!!!!!
My favorite websites to listen to are RadioLab, never not funny, Le Show, This American Life, Decoder Ring Theatre, and
I have controlled high blood pressure. My heart beats too fast. Probably from having to try to push all the Toblerone and Taco bell sludge through my arteries.
I am a firm believer that normal is boring. I tend to gravitate towards the quirky, weird, and misunderstood... and put myself at the top of the list.
I suffer from a bad case of habitual procrastination. Its the main reason it took me a week to reply to being tagged!

Well, I hope this was halfway interesting. Its amazing how hard it is to come up with 7 random things!
Monday, February 25, 2008
And this, my fellow travelers through time, space, and reality shows, is why my life is exciting. And around here, you take exciting where you can get it. I am self employed. I do construction, maintenance, and work part time as a fill in announcer at a radio station and board operator for high school sports. Last week work was at a stand still just kind of waiting for a few jobs to start. It took me a whole week to realize I was kind of on vacation except for a few games to cover. So I took off for the cities for a nice visit with friends and family on Sunday. Monday rolls around and I am suddenly swamped with work at the radio station and maintenance work at the local hotel. Life sure is funny! Just when you think things are slowing down to a crawl, Your whole week fills up with opportunity to burnout the week like it was a day! in fact here is a picture of me hard at work at the last demo, i mean remodel that I did. I am the guy holding the ladder.

Check out the look on the little kid with the toy chainsaw"s face! He's thinking "thats right, I'm bad. Look what I just did!" And of course, like I said, I am hard at work. Jacking my jaw! I think the coffee cup is hidden in my other hand! Anyway, Sorry bout the shape of the picture. Its been floating around the old cosmic junk drawer since Christmas. Well, hope to continue this blogging streak I am in. Later!
Cosmic junkie
Wednesday, February 20, 2008
So why exactly do I blog? or dont? I had this conversation with some friends and I still am a bit hazy on the answer. After a bit of searching my soul and a bit o' the grape, I realized that I might have something to say that someone else might find the least bit interesting. So I might have to start writing about things that really matter. Like senses of humor. And one of those friends said I have a good sense of humor but maybe funny to only those who know me. Sad but true. Its amazing how much a sense of humor, or lack of, can bring people together. Which brings me to the latest thing happening in my life. I recently received an email from an ex girlfriend. We are currently hanging out once in a while, texting everyday, and have exchanged Valentines Day cards. When I first met her I was immediately attracted to her! And after the short first meeting, I went home with my cheeks hurting from laughing so much! And things went great for a while, until she came to her senses! And because of her job and what not, couldnt see herself living out here in the sticks. Understandable. Its not for everyone. And I live about 3 hours from her. I hooked up with her again briefly 2 years later, and am not sure exactly why we lost touch, and that brings us to the present. The real killer is I havent met anyone since with her sharp witted, well read, intense personality. So when you date after meeting someone like this it makes it hard to find someone of that calibre once you have experienced it. And to top it all of, we are even on the same page spiritually and religiously! But the big thing is we play off each other beautifully! I can throw something out there and she will throw it right back, covered in wit! Thats hard to top! Sure, she's attractive, and that doesnt hurt, but its just amazing how we both agreed recently that when it comes to dating, we both realized its hard to find in that other person what we experienced with each other. Wow! If it doesnt work this time, I am so screwed!!!! Anyway, ex's withstanding, I think its amazing how much a joke or sense of humor, or just making someone laugh or smile, can make an instant connection! Sure, giving money or a really great piece of cake, cup of coffee, or a drink can bring people together easily also, but nothing beats making someone laugh! So hey, get out there, make someone smile or laugh! And if they dont laugh, well, laugh at them after they leave, and get on with your day! Just kidding! See, only some of you found that funny!
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